10 photos of Zehra Gunes that credit her as the most beautiful in volleyball

Our readers consider Zehra Gunes the most beautiful volleyball player in the world and here we show you 10 photos of Zehra Gunes that credit her as the most beautiful in volleyball.

Photos of Zehra Gunes

Here we show you:

10. Influencer

Her more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram make her one of the most influential athletes in the world.

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9. Tiktok

Even with only two tiktoks, she has almost fifty thousand subscribers.


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8. Gym

The outfit with which she does her daily exercise highlights her beauty.

Photos of Zehra Gunes
Photos of Zehra Gunes

7. Casual

A normal day becomes brighter when she appears.

Photos by Zehra Gunes

6.  Smile

Her smile is one of the most beautiful in the world of sports, perhaps in the world in general.

5. Jeans

Even her everyday look with simple jeans and a white blouse looks great on her.

4. Holidays

She stands out wherever she goes and that includes her vacation days which are another time we get to see her radiant beauty.

3. Bikini

When she walks on the beach or by the pool we can see her statuesque figure in a bathing suit.

2. Success

Above all, she is a great athlete and she shows it with all the achievements she has alongside her teammates.

1. Look

She has one of those beautiful looks that stays in your head for days.

Photos by Zehra Gunes
Photos by Zehra Gunes

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