10 photos of Alejandra Duque that confirm that she is one of the most beautiful in Colombia

Alejandra Duque is a Colombian influencer and model who has spectacular beauty and here we show you the photos of Alejandra Duque that confirm that she is one of the most beautiful in Colombia.

Photos of Alejandra Duque

Here we show you:

10. Sports

When she wears sportswear, she looks simply spectacular.

9. Instagram

She has almost half a million followers on Instagram, which makes her a woman who, in addition to being beautiful, is an influence on thousands of people.

8. Tiktok

Her more than 258 thousand followers show that she is also a successful tiktoker.


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7. Shorts

Her incredible smile appears later on our list, but in this photo we can see not only how beautiful her smile is, but also how spectacular she looks with her summer look.

Photos of Alejandra Duque
Photos of Alejandra Duque

6. Jeans and blouse

Her most natural look, a simple day-to-day outfit with just jeans and a white blouse make her look beautiful as with all the looks she chooses.

5. Studious

Undoubtedly, she must be one of the most popular at her school and her study-focused look looks great on her.

Alejandra Duque's photos
Photos of Alejandra Duque

4. Hair

Look at that hair, it’s just spectacular.

3. Smile

She has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world and if you don’t believe us, you just need to see this image.

2. Leggings

As expected, she looks incredible in Leggins and this photo is a perfect example of it.

1. Bikini

No one can deny that she looks spectacular on her days at the beach wearing a bikini.

Alejandra Duque's photos

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