10 photos of Camila Pinilla to show why we love her

In this article, we show you photos of Camila Pinilla that show why she is one of the favorites to represent Santander in the national and international contest.

Camila Pinilla is one of the most prominent candidates for the Miss World Santander 2023 title. This 22-year-old has natural beauty and charisma that make her shine on every stage. In addition, she is passionate about photography and art, and she has participated in several exhibitions and competitions.

Photos of Camila Pinilla

Here we show you:

10. Jeans

Even with simple jeans she looks stunning in your everyday look.

Camila Pinilla Photos
Photos of Camila Pinilla

9. Elegant

When she dresses for the night, she immediately becomes the life of the party.

photos of Camila Pinilla
photos of Camila Pinilla

8. Influencer

She has more than 184,000 followers on Instagram, making her an important influencer in her country.

7. Her look

Her look stays in your mind for your whole life.

6. Sports

If someone doesn’t look at her during her visits to the gym, they’re just not human.

5. Short

Denim shorts look great on her.

4. Skirt

She looks spectacular and gives color to the night when she wears a skirt to rock the party.

3. Her walk

If you see her walk away you can never forget her again.

2. Smile

Her face is highlighted with a smile that makes her look like one of the most beautiful women on planet earth.

1. Bikini

She looks like a dream on a paradise beach.

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