10 photos of Gaby Izaguirre that explain why we love her

We show you 10 photos of Gaby Izaguirre that explain why we love her, a karateka and influencer from El Salvador who highlights her beauty in a spectacular way.

A beautiful Salvadoran karate champion. Gaby Izaguirre has titles in this discipline at the level of Central America and the Caribbean.

Photos of Gaby Izaguirre


She has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram , making her a great Influencer from El Salvador.


She also has more than 50,000 followers on tik tok where she shows her talent in sports as well as her beauty.


Mucho ojo chika 🤠 #outfit #salvadoreña #humor #shein

♬ sonido original – CARLY 🐸🍒

8. karate

At her young age, he already has a successful karate career in his country, having already won various competitions.

Photos of Gaby Izaguirre
Photos of Gaby Izaguirre

7. Leggings

Her clothes for sports make her look spectacular.

6. Smile

She has a beautiful smile that enchants whoever sees her.

Photos of Gaby Izaguirre

5. Dress

As expected, she looks beautiful in her summer outfits.

4. Casual

Her day-to-day look looks great on her and to show this outfit.

3. Dedication

She is one of the most dedicated influencers to what she likes in the entire network.

2. Figure

She has a figure that is the envy of all girls and here we show it.

1. Bikini

Simply speechless.

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