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The 10 most beautiful singers of Argentina of 2023

In this article, we are going to introduce the most beautiful singers of Argentina, who not only have incredible voices, but also a unique personality and style.

These artists have managed to stand out in different musical genres, from rock to folklore, and have conquered national and international audiences with their talent and charisma.

Most beautiful singers of Argentina

1. Tini Stoessel

Martina Stoessel known as Tini Stoessel or simply Tini, is an Argentine actress, singer and songwriter. She began her acting career at the age of 10 with a minor role in the children’s series Patito feo.

most beautiful singers of Argentina
Most beautiful singers of Argentina

2. Maria Becerra

María de los Ángeles Becerra, better known as María Becerra, is an Argentine singer, songwriter and former YouTuber. In 2015 she began creating entertainment content on her YouTube channel, which had more than three million subscribers.

Most beautiful singers of Argentina
Most beautiful singers of Argentina

3. Emilia Mernes

María Emilia Mernes Rueda, known as Emilia Mernes or simply Emilia, is an Argentine singer, songwriter, model and actress. She became known for having been part of the Uruguayan group Rombai. In April 2018 she announced her resignation from the group.

4. Lali Espósito

Mariana «Lali» Espósito is an Argentine actress, singer and songwriter. She began acting as a child in the early 2000s in various Cris Morena children’s programs, such as Rincón de luz, Floricienta and Chiquititas sin fin.

5. Rizha

Tamara Luz Ronchese, better known as Rizha, is an Argentine singer and actress living in Spain.

Most beautiful singers of Argentina

6. Alexia Bosch

Peruvian-Argentine singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who rose to fame for her posts of cover snippets by artists like Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande on Instagram. In 2018, she released her first original song called «Rebel Soul.»

7. Daniela Milagros

Singer, pianist, and actress who has found popularity online with original songs like «My Truth» and with cover songs by artists like Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga. She has released music videos for several of her songs as well.

Most beautiful singers of Argentina

8. Chule von Wernich

Sofía Von Wernich, artistically known as Chule Von Wernich, is an Argentine singer-songwriter. Her musical style is acoustic urban and varies from pop to reggaeton, in English and Spanish. She is also a designer for the accessories brand Teofila. She was born and raised in Pehuajó.

9. Milagros Masini

Argentine pop singer known for performing with the band Te Para Tres alongside her brother, Franco Masini, and for posting cover videos to YouTube. In 2017 she starred in Nickelodeon’s Kally’s MashUp as Olivia.

10. Mica Tenenbaum

Argentine singer-songwriter and electronic artist known for being one half of the electronic duo Magdalena Bay. She and Matthew Lewin are known for their hits like «Killshot» and «Secrets.» Their music has earned them more than 1.2 million listeners on Spotify.

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