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The 10 most beautiful tiktokers of Canada of 2023

Next, we present you who are considered the most beautiful tiktokers of Canada, according to different sources and rankings.

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks at the moment, especially among young people. Many users have become stars thanks to their creative, funny and viral videos.

Among them, there are some tiktokers who stand out for their beauty and charisma, and who have millions of followers and admirers.

Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada

1. Anna McNulty

Dancer and contortionist who became famous for posting photos and videos of her incredible flexibility through Instagram. She has earned over 1 million devoted followers since she began posting photos in January of 2015. She has also become wildly popular on her TikTok account, where she has over 8 million followers.

Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada
Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada

2. Cynthia Parker

Lip sync sensation on TikTok who has amassed more than 4.8 million fans for her cynthiaparkerrrr account. She often includes fellow TikTok creators and friends in her dance videos. Madi Monroe, Lauren Kettering, and Sabrina Quesada are some of the popular TikTokers who have featured on her account. She is known for collaborating on duets with fans who have sent her gifts.

Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada

3. Kris Collins

Popular social media star who is best known for her kallmekris TikTok account, where she posts comedic skits. She has amassed more than 49 million followers on the platform.

Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada
Canada's most beautiful tiktokers
Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada

4. jeenie.weenie

Popular social media star best known for her jeenie.weenie TikTok account, where she posts videos about her job as a flight attendant. Her content has helped her earn more than 9 million followers on the app. She has also been associated with the company YASHI BEAUTY and has promoted it on her Instagram page.

Most beautiful tiktokers of Canada

5. Mikayla Campinos

Digital creator known for her notmikaylacampinos TikTok account, which she uses to post makeup and beauty content, situational humor, and trends. Videos of her have attracted 3 million fans on the platform.

6.Sarah-Jade Bleau

Popular TikTok star who is best known for her dance videos that she posts to her sjbleau account. Her content has amassed more than 14 million followers on the app. Her full name is Sarah Jade Bleau.

7.Mackenzie Turner

Canadian TikTok star who is best known for her comedic and phishing-based video clip content. She has also worked professionally as a personal trainer for F45 Training and Fitness.

8. Ava Rose

Social media starlet who has gained fame for her avarxseee TikTok channel. She has gained great popularity for lip-syncing her and frequently taking short scenes of her with meme captions while modeling.


TikTok creative whose lip sync, comedy, and theatrical videos have earned her more than 9 million followers. She also hosts a radio show on the UK based Wizard.

10. Alessya Farrugia

TikTok star who rose to fame for her self-titled channel. Lip-syncing of her and brief sketches of her often framed with captions of her modeling on her have helped her garner a large following.

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